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 Die Rüssel-Robbe

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Amphibia. XXIV. Vol. VI. No. 43., THE PROPOSCIS-SEAL., The Seals are known to be a species of suck- ver'd an uncommonly great species , the Proina animals, that commonly live in the fea, bofcis - Seal (Phoca probofcidea) that attaint difadvamageoutly diftinguifhing therr.Ielves to a length of 35 till 30 feet, which we fee by their ugly, deformed body. They are here leverai imaged of. The upperpart of ready fwimmers, yet they often emerge on the fnout of this miffhapen beaft protracts itthe fea-fhore; their food confifts of, felf into a fort of probofcis, that has given maritime animals and fea - weeds. At the the name to this kind of feals. At a diftance coafts of New-Holland, efpecially near Kings- we perceive fome of them in an upright poIsland, the neweft French travellers disco- sture, just when they aie chased.