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 Wunderbare Insecten

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Insects XXXIII. Vol. V. No. 39., REMARKABLE INSECTS., Fig. 1. The Tant. (Trombidium phalangioides.), Fig. 2. The Scarlet Water-mite. (Hydrachne histrionica.), Fig. 3. The louse of the birds. (Acarus chelopus.), Fig. 4. The dove’s Tick. (Rhynchoprion columbae.), Fig. 5. The Carter. (Phalangium rufum.), Fig. 6. The Scorpion-Tick (Chelifer pratsita.), Fig. 7. The bat’s Tick. (Phthiridium biarticulatum.), Fig. 8. The sturgeion’s Louse. (Dichelesthium Sturionis.), Fig. 9. The Water-flea. (Argulus Delphinus.)