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 Die becherförmigen Polypen

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Worms. XII. Vol. VI. No. 72., POLYPES FORMED LIKE A CUP., yY e already got acquainted with - the Polypes, -in. Vol, I. "tab. 62. of our gallo.ry. They are creatures which occupy the. lowest degree* of the animal reign-, being ranked among the Zoophytes, »r(Fiant-Animals, on account of their Fig. ure; that resembles a plant. By way of aggrandizement the annexed table exhibits the Polypes of ihe shape of a cup. Aboye the maaabpcl-yyi (Fig.. . 8,) many times aggrandized, appears art elevation, (;;) that is the gullet, into which; the Polype, by means of the pincers, (o. o.) carries the food, consisting of worms and little insects. The body sticks to a large stalk7 (Fig. - 8. P- 9) which the Polype.extends,, in order to take hold of other objects,, or* wraps up, like a serpent, (Fig.. 9.) being in act to swim. — The Polypes here described, if we behold them with unarmed eyes, appear like little points round about the heterogeneous body they keep close to;in crowds, (Fig.. 1. 4. 6.) Through the microscope we however distinguish their Fig. ured bodies, -looking like poppy-heads and forming various groups. In Fig.. 2. and 3. they are represented cleaving to â duck's-meat, (a. b.) rne large stalk- of an older Polype being a point o£ conjunction, (Fig.. 3.) In Fig.. 5. our corpuscles adhere to the dead body of a yellow Polype. (fZ. d. d.). In Fig.. '7. they, most elegantly, surround a little snail, where we likewise perceive the wriggled stalks (i. it) as well as the upright ones. (A, h.)