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Insects XXXV. Vol. V. No. 52.


The beautiful Butterflies represendted in the annexed plate, are inhabitants of hotter Climate where Nature in general appears in a much more brilliant attire. Fish, birds and insects glitter in those regions with a thousand colours, so that every traveller coming from Europe is struck with astonishment and surprise.

Fig. 1. The green Marble Papilion.

This rare Day-butterfly has the colour of green and black marble whence its name is derived. It resembles our swallow-tail butterfly in shape and wings, but is by far superior in size.

Fig. 2. The Harlequin.

A beautiful Phaleana which derives its name from its motley colour that was compared with the party-coloured jacket of Harlequin. The body has a bright Gold colour the same as half the upper wings, the other half being blue spotted with white; the underwings are also gold coloured, and variegated with black.

Fig. 3. The Indian Gold-Butterfly.

This beautiful Butterfly is of a Gold colour both above and below; the upperwings being marked by a dark yello spot.

Fig. 4. The Scarlet spot.

The wings of this butterfly are hairy, of a brown colour, and the upper wings decorated with a large scarlet spot.