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 Versteinerte Blätterformen aus der Urzeit

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Plants. CXIII. Vol. VI. No. 67., PETRIFIED FORMS OF LEAVES OUT OF THE PRIMITIVE TIME., Between a thin-slaty sort of stone near the those in yon country. Consequently these castle Rauche -sauve, not far from the bo- leaves at present petrified and inclosed betrough Chaumerac in the Department de 1'Ar- ween beds of stone originate from plants, deche in France one finds at the digging which formerly a thousand years ago grew in and breaking asunder of the thin beds of that country, in the mean time that thos. stone a great many forms of leaves half beds of stone form'd themselves, but now are burnt to coals, half petrified, which hardly not met with among the flourishing plants, now and then, mostly not at all are found neither in that country, nor elsewhere in far exactly agreeing with leaves of plants, that distant lands of other zones, at present appear upon earth, still lefs with