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Antiquities. IX. Vol. IV. No. 54., CROWNS OF THE ANCIENTS., The Greeks and Romans used différent kinds ûfO. rowns 10 reward thoie who gained a victory or rendered aiïotHér important fervice to their country. Every kind of these crowns or publick marks of honour bad its peculiar form and its particular materials of which it was m ade., Fig. 1. et 2. The Beam-Crown., The Ream Crown was of gold. It was omamented with nprigbt fianding rays of gold which denoted the beams of the l'un or the deifying of any great man. The Generalg wbo returned in tiiumph from a noted victory or a gained conquest, were crowned with it at their entrance in Rome. Sometimes they wore it npon their beim et of Iteel which generally was decorated with a golden griffin., Fig. 3. et 4. The Laurel-Crown., This Crowrn was a wreath of Laurel which the victorious Generals in their triumph wore either on their head or round their belmet. The Laureate-Crown was the gênerai lïgn of victory, and the victors in the publick games, the wreftlers andraeers, as well as the poets and ârtifts who gained the prize, "were crowned writh it., Fig. 5. The Citizen-Crown., was a wreath of oak leaves and properly the bigheft military reward or mark of honour which a Roman citizen could receive for faving the life of a fellow citizen, or rendering a great i'ervice, when the common welfare was in danger., Fig. 6. The Siege-Crown., was given to a warrior who bf his personal valeur clelivered a befieged town from the ennemy. It consisted of Grass and Grass-llowers wdiieh generally were taken from the walls of the delivered town., Fig. 7. The Wall-Crown., This Crown was of gold, embellished with little pinnacles. It was beftowed upon the warrior who in an affault got iïrst upon the wall of the befieged towrn. To the famé purpofe served, Fig. 8. The Camp-Crown., which was also of gold but omamented with palillados. It was given to the warrior who first broke through the intrenchments of an ennerny's camp., Fig. 9. The Vessel Crown., was of Gold. Its ornament consisted of roftrums with iron points. It was the reward of an Admiral that returned victorions from a sea-battle.