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 Das Einsammeln der Cochenille

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Misc. Subj. LXXV. Vol. VI. No. 13., THE GATHERING OF THE COCHINEAL INSECTS., The cochineal infect, which lives on the plants. After fome months, when they have common Indian Fig. {Cactus opuntia) in South attain'd to their full growth, they are brufh'd America, we know already by the II. Vol. of with pencils of roc's hair (b) and gather'd. No. 31. of our Gallery. On account of it's Afterwards the cochineal infects are kill'd beautiful red colour a great traffick is exercis- either upon hot plates (f) and poured into ed with it, and the cochineal infect in Me- vefsels (g, h) or it is done in bafkets in hot xico is in particular plantations of the com- water, and then they are fpread upon mats mon Indian Fig. cultivated and bred up. Thefe and dried. The laft method is the beft. The Fig. s (a) we fee here planted by rows, and the cochineal infects are gather'd in the plantafoil kept always loofe by labourers (c). The tions three times in the year from the month little creatures are carefully placed on the of December till May. —