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 Der Schnee mit seinen Krystallisationen

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Misc. Subj. LXXVI. Vol. VI. No. 14, THE SNOW WITH IT'S CRYSTALLIZATIONS., The Snow is bere the object of our contem- When in calm weather the Snow falls in plation. — The truth is, our atmofphere is reparate thin flakes, we have often occafion always fill'd with watery vapours. Being con- to obferve it's various but regular Figures, geal'd or cryftallized by the wimer - froft, almoft all arifing from the hexagon. The adthey form a loofe white mafs. which being joined plate exhibits Teveral of thefe Snowheavier, than the air, falls down upon the cry ftallizaiions, confiderahly magnify'd bj earth and covers it, as it were, with a white the microfcope. Fig.. 1. 2. 3. were o'nferv'd robe. This is the Snow, that clears up the in Styria. Fig. 4. 5. 6. 8- 9- offer us fuch gloomy days of winter and protects the Seed Snow - crystallizations, as a Naturalift in Swim great cold. But alfo it often happens, tzerland took notice of; and Fig.. 7. thole, «that a little Snowball, breaking loofe from the which were rem ark' d and fet down at BrestoP of lofty mountains, being at 1 aft by it's law. The natural fize of the Snow -cryftdh ro hng along increafed to an huge mafs, as a we find delineated under fix numéros. great drift of Snow becomes the deftroyer of whole houfes, nay even of fmall villages, which are over whelm'd by it.