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 Die brustförmige Fackeldistel

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Plants. CXII. Vol. VI. No. 62., CACTUS MAMILLARIS., We already know several beautiful species This Cactus flourishes in the summer, of the Cactus, which are native in South- and bears the next spring ripe grains of seed. America. The present table represents us Its native country are the Islands of Souththe Cactus mamillaris, a very fine plant, America, where it grows in the crevices of depicted in its natural greatnefs. \\ shows rocks. Yet long ago it is also found in the on its surface a great many longish semi- botanic gardens of Europe, but where it must globes with yellowish blossoms. The red be kept through the whole year in the hotfruit form'd like a pear has within a yellowish house. It is encreased or by grains of. seed flesh. It is of an agreeable sweetish savour, or by the upper part, that is cut off, of the and is eaten by the Indians. plant.