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Fish XXIX. Vol. IV. No. 8., GERMAN RIVER-FISH., We see here five sorts of Carp, which belong to the smallest of this kind, and are all to be met with in German Rivers., Fig. 1. The Gudgeon. (Cyprinus Gobio.), The Gudgeon inhabits rivers and small lakes, which are connected with one another. Its usual length is six inches, but is sometimes to be met with, a foot long. The upper part of the head of a brownish green projects beyond the under-jaw. The back is of a bluish black. The belly cover'd with reddish and silvercolour'd scales. The tail and back-fins are spotted with black., Fig. 2. The Bleak. (Cypr. alburnus.), The Bleak is from four to six inches long, and is to be found in most rivers and streams of Germany, where it multiplies prodigiously. Its white flesh is woolly and its taste not particularly good. The upper part of its body is olive-brown, the lower part silvercolour'd. The common artificial pearls are made of these silvercolour'd scales. The scales are taken off and rubb'd in clean water ‘till the colouring particles are dissolv'd in or rather mix'd with it. The water, when these particles are settled, is pour'd off, and they are mix'd with isinglass. This Essence of Pearls, as it is call'd, is laid on with a painting-brush on the inside of the glass pearls. The cavity is then fill'd up with pure white wax, a hole bor'd thro' it, and lin'd with Paper, and the artificial pearl is finish'd., Fig. 3. The punctuated Carp. (Cypr. bipunctatus.), This little carp is only three inches long, is fond of running water with a pebbly bottom, and lives like all other sorts of carp here represented on worms and water weeds. The Back is dark green, the belly silver-colour'd., Fig. 4. The Pink or Minnow. (Cypr. Phoxinus.), The Minnow is a taper little fish, not much bigger than the last mention'd, and its flesh is of a pleasant bitter taste. It is fond of clear Water, and is particularly common in Silesia and Westphalia, where it is call'd Grimpel. Its body is cover'd with slimy scales. Its blackish or dark blue back has several lighter spots. The greyish or bluish Fins have near the body a red spot., Fig. 5. The bitter Carp. (Cypr. amarus.), This is the smalleft of ail sorts of carp, and exceeds not two inches in length. It is despis'd by the fishermen on account of its diminutive size and its bitterness, and serves only as food for fish of prey. It is half as broad as it is long, its back of a yellowish brown, the tail and back fins greenish, and the belly fins reddish. It is fond of running water with a sandy bottom.